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     STIC Travel Group - Representative of STA Travel in India - offers discounted travel for students & young people
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ISICweb.netYou have come to the right place to find out about benefits and services available for students, youth and teachers in India and worldwide !!

We offer the following products and services:

  • UNESCO endorsed Identity cards for students, youth (under 26years) and teachers, which allow the member/holder to access discounts.
  • Discounts & Benefits on shopping, food, travel, accommodation at more than 1,50,000 discount locations in more than 130 countries worldwide. ISIC is the one and only proof of full-time student status.
  • Discounted air fares for students, youth & teachers for travel from India.
  • ISIConnect - A communication package offerring discounted phone rates, virtual safe, voice mail, free email etc. when travelling worldwide.
  • Discounted Tour Packages for students, youth and teachers. (special rates are also available for group tours on request)

So join the funky, efficient, and economical world of the ISICweb and "Get MORE for Less" starting TODAY !!


If you are a full-time student or teacher, or if you are under 26, there are many discounts and special arrangements available to you at home and when you travel. Recognized in over 90 countries, an international identity card can prove you belong to one of these special groups anywhere you go. This way you can easily take advantage of the many benefits that have been specially negotiated just for you! So now you'll be able to do much more for less.

International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
If you are a full-time student of any age (well at least 12) then this is the card for you.

International Youth Travel Card (IYTC)
Anyone aged under 30 can get an International Youth Travel Card (IYTC), giving you youth discounts on anything from plane tickets to cinema tickets.

International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC)
If you're now working as a full-time teacher or professor, you can enjoy teacher discounts with the International Teacher Identity Card (ITIC).
This site is managed by STIC Travel Group - Representative of STA Travel in India
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